Thursday, October 15, 2009

Playroom project...update

Yes, I did in fact finish the play room paint job on Sunday. The yellow the wife chose is great against the hardwood floors.

I did learn something valuable that could help anyone doing some painting (at least I didn't realize it until Sunday): I ended up doing an unintentional "Pepsi Challenge" of paint tape (you know, the blue tape you use to edge the ceiling and doors/windows"). There are two types of tape - one is much rougher on the non-stick side and feels thicker; the other (made by 3M) is smoother and more pliable.

Anyways, the rougher tape peels paint from the surface it is stuck to - I found out as it tore quarter sized spots of paint off the ceiling (whcih is great because now I have to touch up the ceiling). So if you are choosing paint tape - choose the smooth 3M kind - it'll save you more work.

So this weekend is the next step - closet work, and perhaps window treatments and other organization. Finished photos to follow...

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