Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here we go

In July of 2009, my wife and I took the leap - we purchased a single family home in suburban New Jersey. With visions of summers swimming at the lake, crisp fall weekends playing with the kids among the leaves, cold winter nights being warmed by the fireplace, and springtime birds chirping a welcome to new leaves budding on the majestic oaks, we anxiously signed away on the dotted line to give our family a slice of 21st century suburband Americana.

And then...reality set in. There a HUGE difference between a three floor walk up townhome and a single family center hall colonial. And I am finding out just how much of a difference there is.

Our castle sits within a beautiful lake community that echos with the sounds of suburban living - children laughing and playing, leaf blowers and lawn mowers from the landscaping companies fulfilling their daily obligations, barking of dogs bouncing throughout the wooded lots as they chase the occassional squirrel or chipmunk. Sounds wonderful, don't it?

Well, with each passing day, my lovely home presents a new, previously unknown imperfection that challenges my sanity, my skill and my patience. My children stand by and watch as the grand old colonial mocks me with its creaks and groans.

But I will prevail, even if it takes me until 2039. This is my vow...and these are my stories...

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  1. Poor homeowner newbie! :) Looking forward to following your ride...